Circumcision Is A Debating Procedure For Many Years

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Circumcision has been a debating procedure for many years. It is a procedure that means cutting off the foreskin, or ring of tissue that covers the head of the penis. Circumcision is said to have started many years ago and is a big part is some religions. For example, according to the book of Genesis in the Torah, god made a covenent with Abraham (a Jewish patriarch) in which Abraham and his decendents would be given great land riches, and success. There was only one catch, Abraham, his descendants, any slaves purchased or born in his house hold by the eighth day of life. If any failed to do so then they would be separate from his people and live without the favor of god. Untill this day Jewish people have lived by that and is a strong religious belief. This procedure on the Jews was called a bris or brit milah. Even though circumcision was practiced in different areas of the world, it was first documented in art form by the Egyptians. They circumcised because they believed it was a method of purification. It later started making its way to other cultures, but nobody really knows why the practice spread nor why it even started. Many other countries removed the foreskin because they believed it marked entrance into adulthood, to humiliate enemies, to identify those with higher social status, to enhance or limit sexual pleasure. Also having your penis circumcised helped make it easier to maintain clean. Normally circumcision was done at the age where they thought was
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