Circumcision : What Does It Matter?

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Circumcision: What does it matter? Paul closes this passage by detailing the most basic of Jewish law observances – circumcision. Paul argues that if one claims observance to this ritual but breaks the law, it does not matter in his relationship with God because his physical circumcision holds no weight accept for culturally. In verse 25-29, he notes that obedience to the law is not a physical act, but one of the heart, which sets apart a person to God. The act of saying one thing and doing another does not depict a life that is truth based and this was the action of the Jews under the Law. This is the problem with the Law. Ultimately, “it demands more conformity to outward regulations.” It is an inward, Spirit-led significance that defines the honor and praise of God since it is not outwardly recognized and praised by men. Paul defends the position that the law cannot bring man to righteousness nor can anything outside of inward recognition of God. Ladd opines, “The reason why the law cannot make sinful men righteous is that it is an external code, whereas the sinful hearts of men need a transforming inward power. The Law is a written code, not a life imparted by God’s Spirit (Rom. 7:23).” All people are subject to judgement as we will see in the next passage. Finding Favor with God (Rom. 3:21-31) Paul’s letter to the Roman church has absolutely challenged the Jewish way of thinking that has existed for over 2000 years before the life, death, and resurrection of
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