Circumstances Affect The Development Of Identity

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Circumstances Affect the Development of Identity: Did you know two thirds of the world is affected by something that may have not even occurred close to their country? So many things in this world including people can change who an individual really is. Things such as trends and people’s judgment are the major issues today that people do not seem to be who they actually are. There is nothing that can really be done about this, since people acting as themselves seem to be judged. Just like Scout in the novel To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, she does not act like how society wants her to even though they accuse her for being herself. Eventually throughout the story the only thing she wants is to grow up to be lady since that is what most people want her to be. The novel has many events that take place in which the circumstances that one lives in can affect the development of their identity. Harper Lee suggests that circumstances such as past family, society beliefs, and gender stereotypes all affect one’s development of their identity. There are numerous amounts of events that occur in To Kill A Mockingbird which demonstrates the fact that one’s circumstances affect the development of their identity, one way is the situation of their past family.

Society usually expects the newer generation to act the same as the older generations. When someone in the family does something unusual that the past generations have not done, they are judged and the rumors
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