Cirque Du Soleil : A Small Performance Group

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With possibly one of the biggest companies known worldwide started off as a small performance group full of street performers of 73 people. Cirque du Soleil is a show out to dazzle and completely redesign the idea of the traditional circus. It was owned by two men until owner, Laliberte bought the other owners share. The idea is that they will “never go public” to reduce the dilution of multiple shareholders or possibly being overrun by a hostile takeover. In the late 1980’s there were artist rebellions against the management and this is when Cirque had decided their artists are the most important part of the show. No matter where they go, their artists are number one and they are out to please. The biggest rationalization Cirque had was their decentralization of their Head Quarters. Through job analysis they considered it would be best if they were to create multiple locations that would control different sectors as to where they would host shows; Asia, Europe and North American. It became a quick problem and created the fear of going corporate as according the artists. To create something absolutely different and unique they wanted to create a circus that didn’t have animals but it was solely human acts that required a lot of physical abuse due to their many performances. The owner Laliberte had to rationalize and see how he could take his show to the next level. How can they create such a magnificent show? Where would they go? He decided to go for it all and try their…

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