Cirque Du Soleil Case

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Cirque’s competitive advantage is its culture that supports and energizes its innovation goals. Cirque strengthens its distinctive competency of creativity and achieves business objectives by creating an environment of trust and dedicating resources to encourage employees to hone their craft and try ideas.

Analysis and Recommendation

In order to attract more talent and increase its employees’ satisfaction along with its commercial success, Cirque will need to change how it manages its culture, talent and growth. It must create and communicate a vision and mission that establishes a shared sense of purpose. And, it must manage its culture through systems that alter and reinforce how employees should think, behave and feel about team
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A second option is to try out different formats and arenas to hold a Cirque Lite show in North American markets in order to appeal to a new audience that may not be willing to pay high ticket prices. But, this will dilute the brand and the associations already built in the loyal customers’ minds. A third option is to appeal is to a broader audience in all current markets using Cirque’s multimedia division to launch television specials that can serve as commercials for Cirque’s value proposition. The TV specials will allow broader audiences to see the value of the experience and will give Cirque employees a break from constant touring. However, Cirque cannot bring the brand to a broader audience without customer research into discount preferences and types of entertainment they seek out. So, Cirque will need to conduct research to help it understand how best structure its pricing and strengthen its value proposition to create meaningful experiences for audiences that set Cirque further apart from competitors and complementors. The TV special strategy will also serve well in the future when going to new markets to attract an audience. Therefore, Cirque should pursue this option to build its brand presence in current and new market and to attract a broader audience.


STRENGTHS * Consciously developed a culture
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