Cirque Du Soleil Case Study

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Founded in 1984 in Quebec Canada, Cirque Du Soleil was formed by street performers. It was first known as Le Club des Talons Hauts and had started out with only 73 employees and expanded to over 2,100 individuals, 17 years later. The organization’s goal is to bring an unforgettable show to every audience through creativity from its____. Cirque du Soleil is in constant search for creative and talented artists around the world that can contribute and be part of their organization. The artists consists of many different cultural backgrounds and range from mimes to street performers. Cirque du Soleil provides training to its employees and tries to maintain good communication with each of its employees. However, Cirque du Soleil faces many problems in retaining talent to the hiring and training process of its employees.
One of the problems I found with Cirque Du Soleil was the lack of a company’s handbook and relying on a simple newsletter to communicate with its employees. The newsletter is open to all employees who wish to submit any comments or issues they might have with management. The lack of handbook and the use of internal communication demonstrates another problem upon Cirque Du Soleil. Due to the lack of guidelines, employees that are touring find it difficult to determine what is acceptable work behavior and when and where such behavior is appropriate. Touring employees are not aware of boundaries between work and home when on tour. In addition, the lack of

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