Cirque Du Soleil : Creative And Creative Entertainment Industry

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Vision: Cirque du Soleil is an innovative and creative entertainment industry which focuses on performing various artistic acts for those with a wild imagination. This rapidly growing company creates magic and creativity around the stage which evokes the emotions and imaginations of the people surrounding this magic.
Issue statement: For the past 18 years there has been a paradigm transference In Cirque Du Soleil retention and high turnover rate of staff, which lead to unfavourable outcomes in the business environment. The high turnover rate at Cirque has increased drastically over past years, this has caused the loss of staff and not being able to retain them, dissatisfying working conditions and the key issue is selection and training on a global perspective of this organisation.
Data Analysis:
Cirque Du Soleil over the past years has been experiencing high turnover rate which resulted in loss of staff and poor management in selecting and training staff. The issue of high turnover rate and retention of Cirque has resulted in unfavourable outcomes which lead to staff not contributing to their tasks. The performers at Cirque have been unmotivated at work due to that their working conditions are not being met in terms of their needs. For instance the issue lies within the lack of maintaining staff and meeting their requirements in order to perform, therefore this is a tactical issue that Cirque needed to strategically manage. Cirque Du Soleil focuses on providing their…

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