Cirque Du Soleil 's Success

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Cirque Du Soleil’s show in Downtown Disney is a show that I have wanted to see for a very long time. The creative marketing that I have seen has made me very interested in the shows. Many of my friends and colleagues have already seen the show and have highly recommended it. “Cirque du Soleil is one of the rare companies that utterly redefine their industries. It takes the circus’s raw materials – trapeze artists, contortionists, strong men, clowns – combines them with surreal costumes, nonstop New Age music, and dazzling stagecraft, and then ties it all together with a vaguely profound theme like “ a tribute to the nomadic soul” or “a phantasmagoria of urban life”” (Kreitner, 231). Cirque du Soleil was started in Canada by two high school dropouts named Laliberte and Gauthier in 1984. How has Cirque du Soleil managed to become so successful in such a relatively short amount of time? The secret to Cirque du Soleil’s success lies in balancing effective business management with creative direction. They managed to establish good knowledge management in conjunction with excellent general decision-making models that has contributed to the huge success of the company. What exactly is knowledge management? “Knowledge management is defined as developing a system to improve the creation and sharing of knowledge critical for decision making” (Kreitner, 217). Tacit knowledge involves the creative minds of the production because “it is personal, intuitive, and undocumented…

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