Cirque Du Soleil's Amaluna

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Cristine Asias ARTH 121A 10/20/12 An Artistic View to Cirque du Soleil’s Amaluna Visual art is a very popular art form in the world. It can be seen almost anywhere. One of the most popular forms of visual art is stage shows such as those that one would see on Broadway or at Cirque du Soleil. Cirque du Soleil shows have been recognized around the world for their beauty, intricacy, spellbinding acts, international talent, and ability to leave an audience with a great lasting impression. Cirque du Soleil’s latest production entitled “Amaluna (which premiered on April 19th, 2012)” is very unique compared to many of the Cirque shows. The show was inspired by a play by Williams Shakespeare entitled “The Tempest.” The show was directed by a…show more content…
During some parts of the act, the Amazons perform their acts so close together and so near each other, they almost look like they’ll crash into each other at any given moment (Josue201066, 2012). The suitors also happen to be a part of this act. During some parts of the act, some suitors help the Amazons get up to the high bars (Josue201066, 2012). The suitors also try owning up to the Amazons by performing some skills of their own, but their moment to shine is cut short and are chased away by the Amazons. The act ends with all the Amazons gathered as a group, strike a pose that one would do in tae-kwon-do, and once again chase away the suitors (Josue201066, 2012). This act uses lighting that is red in color. Like their costumes, I believe that red symbolizes fierceness and strength. This act also uses rock music that is performed by the band to compliment this fast-paced, high-energy act. Personally, I love this act. Not only is it very intense, but all the skills performed by the acrobats are absolutely amazing. For instance, one of my favorite moments in the act is where Melanie does a flip from a bar while she stands on top of it and grabs back onto the bar, which sends the rest of her Amazon troupe into a their signature battle cry (Josue201066, 2012) . Another interesting act in the show is an act called “Manipulation.” Manipulation is a slow-paced, yet intriguing act that is done

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