Cis 207 Week 2 Individual Assignment Essay

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CIS/207 Abstract Information in this day and age is power. Because if you look at information all it is a collection of knowledge stored within a database for people to look at. This article goes over information and how it is used in my company, how we use our information and the safeguards we use from the employee as an individual and as a company to protect our clients Information and my organization Information is the key to any organization in the world today; it is what makes an organization successful, accurate and proficient in an increasingly competitive market. Without information a company is powerless, it does not know its customer or understand them,…show more content…
We can identify them through their email and phone number. We can also identify them with previous case numbers we have linked to previous notes we had. If we have more the one phone number for the customer any of these numbers old or new will bring up their account. At the product level we can change their credit card information, check if a current plan or subscription expired or renew it for them. We can also check the billing information for any discrepancies and pull up the receipt from their purchase history. Almost any information can be cross reference in our system. We can email old receipts for customers to examine and help customers with any questions they have on any purchases or charges made by the company. This makes are information very convenient and helpful to both us and the customer. As you probably noted from above we keep customer credit card information, purchases and personal information in one very large database. The important question here is how do we protect it? Also who do we protect it from and how. To start we protect the customer from outsiders getting their information. This is done by using Linux which is uncommon so viruses aren’t normally as well used on that platform. Next Login to the work OS is protected by employee UN/PW which is keep in a database safeguarded remotely at the corporate level. After the intruder must then switch to working on a

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