Cis 207 Week 3

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As years progress, technology makes it possible for individuals, organization and companies the capability to create mobile apps and dynamic websites from home. These mobile apps and dynamic websites in turn simplify our lives in ways we could never imagine before. One of the most commonly used inventions, which can still be considered fairly new, are social networks. Social networks give people around the world the ability to communicate, stay in touch and meet new people online at the convenience of their own time. Many social networks were developed within the past few years but few if any target professionals only. LinkedIn gives a twist to social networking by focusing only on people in professional occupations that would like to…show more content…
It allows users to maintain a virtual resume that can be viewed and accessed by certain people with ease, depending on your privacy settings. LinkedIn also makes the process of looking for a job and maintaining a resume simple by filling out a form and pressing submit. With over 200 million users and the vast number of companies that use LinkedIn, it is becoming a social network that can actually be taken seriously and used as a resource. The more professionals and companies that register on LinkedIn as year’s progress, the more useful the social network will become. LinkedIn is a rather new social network with room for growth and improvement in many ways. As the company grows, the more likely uses and enhancements will continue to grow as well. First, adding a geographical map to show people close to you who use LinkedIn would come in handy when trying to network with people in your area. Secondly, adding video conferencing would be ideal for companies who would like to use LinkedIn as a way to communicate to their current employees similar to GoToMeeting. Thirdly, trending topics and news feed following changes within your industry and circle of interests would benefit users that would like to stay updated.

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