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Benjamin Porter 12/13/13 Benjamin Porter 12/13/13 Abstract Developing and designing an effective in house e-commerce website for Tony’s Chips. Abstract Developing and designing an effective in house e-commerce website for Tony’s Chips. Website MIGRATION PROJECT [Document subtitle] Website MIGRATION PROJECT [Document subtitle] Introduction Tony’s Chips has been acquired by a new independent company. The new company’s intention is to focus on the e-commerce website that they have planned. Currently, the old website is externally hosted and it is required to be moved to an internal one. This new system will store, retrieve, and have data recovery solutions for the company. An additional backup site will need to be created…show more content…
This statement indicates that there should be careful and deliberate choices when choosing a web server. Many different operating systems are available to use as a webserver. One of the most popular is Linux. Linux and UNIX are very reliable when it comes to security. Versions of Linux include Red Hat, Ubuntu, CentOS and Fedora. The advantages of Linux based web servers are easily modified, stable, and secure. Red Hat Linux is currently the best with regards to performance at large scale. UNIX is also a viable option when looking for an operating system. Comparable to Linux, it’s very reliable, easy to customize and secure as well. However, its hardware requirements and cost make it difficult to make it into a web server. Microsoft Windows Server operating systems are a very popular method for an operating system. Microsoft offers different versions of its server software including the 2003, 2008 and 2012 editions. The Microsoft platform is a great choice because most of the online applications are adaptable to use on their OS. Support for Microsoft is readily available as well, making it even harder to choose another OS. The only down sides are that it is not as secure as the previously mentioned Linux platform and because Microsoft uses licensing for their OS, it can be pricey to add to use for the system. The choice made by Tony’s Chips for their web server software is an important one. This choice will either make or break the
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