Cis 517 - Case Study 1

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Week 3 Case Study 1: Green Computing Research Project – Part 1
James Johnson
IT Project Management – CIS 517 Dr. Howell
July 31, 2012

As technology increases through massive changes it becomes apparent that the individual user must also make changes that are environmentally safe. Green IT, also known as Green Computing, is the movement towards a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective use of power and production in technology. The crux of Green IT is to double or triple the bottom line investment costs by converting existing structures and systems to this more conservative mode of operation in green computing (, 2012). The greening of information technology (IT) offers numerous ways for companies to
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The Weighted Decision Matrix is used as a baseline to evaluate personnel that are applying to be the project manager for the Green Computing Research Project. As shown below there is different evaluation criteria that is weighed for each individual project.

Once a project management team has been selected all of the details pertaining to the project must be outlined in the Project Charter. The purpose of a Project Charter is to provide an understanding of the project, the reason it is being conducted and its justification, establish early on in the project the general scope, and finally to establish the project manager and his or her authority level (, 2012). Below you can see the Project Charter that has been established for the Green Computing Research Project.
Project Charter Project Title: Green Computing Research Project | Project Start Date: 6 August 2012 | Project Finish Date: 8 February 2013 | Budget Information: The organization has allocated $500,000 for this project. The majority of costs for this project will be both internal resources and external resources (if required) assuming that they have attained the skills sets for selected individuals necessary to provide their expertise in Green Computing Solutions. | Project Manager: Raymond Long, (703) 343-9543, | Project Objectives: Help improve the environment while increasing revenues and reducing costs. Researching the following
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