Cis 517 Prairie Waters Project

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PMI 2011 Project Of The Year Award Winner The Prairie Waters Project Prairie Waters Project (PWP) was the largest water project of its type completed in more than 30 years in Colorado. The efforts and unwavering ethics of the project team members resulted in delivering outstanding water quality to the city of Aurora. A severe drought in 2002-2004 left the city of Aurora with only a 9-month supply of water. The Leaders of the city considered over 40 optional ways and methods to get additional water to customers of Aurora. They considered importing additional water from across the continental divide. After careful review, the city decided on what is now known as the Prairie Waters Project. This water delivery system brought in…show more content…
3). The final factor that led to the great success of the PWP dealt with risk management. The team used early risk identification and mitigation to minimize the effects of any possible risks. The risk management process also provided assurance to Aurora Water that risks were properly evaluated and could be contained from a financial standpoint. A formal risk management plan was developed in early 2007, with a focus on controlling the project cost. The risk analysis process provided an extra benefit to the PMT by highlighting the need to manage project risks such as environmental mishaps to avoid actions that would trigger regulatory enforcement action. A proper risk analysis reduced cost increases due to change orders and avoided permitting and land acquisition delays. There were several obstacles that had the potential to impact the scope, time, and the cost of the PWP. According to Schwalbe (2011), “Managing the triple constraint involves making trade-offs between scope, time, and cost goals for a project” (p. 8). The PWP required over 400 owner-acquired and overseeing permits. Any delay in obtaining a permit would cause the time schedule to slip. This massive project required

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