Cis Computer Case Study

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1. What kinds of applications are described here? What business functions do they support? How do they improve operational efficiency and decision making? I believe the kind of applications that was described in the article is business application. According to the, retrieved July 3, 2012, “business application” is generally any software program that helps business increase productivity or measures their productivity. In this case, applications were used in the hospitals, delivery companies to assist the employees with an easy access to the needed resources, including work e-mails, databases, personal records etc. That means the kinds of applications include e-mails, calendars, photo sharing as well as professional…show more content…
It is important to mention that FaceTime is a proprietary video conferencing application made for the iPhone. Additionally, Apple’s App Store contains thousands of available apps for the iPhone. These apps run on the iPhone and are launched from desktop icons added to the home screen on the phone. Finally, iPhone allows their users to a Wi-Fi network or connect using a data network. This connection lets users to browse the Internet on the iPhone. It is essential to mention, that mostly Droid, Blackberry, iPhone has many compatibilities in common. However, the Droid does not have as many applications as iPhone and it is hard to multitask. As for a Blackberry smart phone, it happens to be one of the most flexible communication devices presently being offered on the market. The capabilities include e-mail, instant messaging, and Internet applications. It allows business people to stay in contact with their clients, it offers PDA functions and by using this feature, a person will be able not to miss important events. Additionally, users can synchronize their BlackBerry device with their personal laptop or personal computer. It allows using Flash Player as well. BlackBerry is known to have a really good protection system which makes it more convenient for business use. Finally, Palm Pre pretty much has similar
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