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Data Communication Concepts I Instructions: Insert your answer after each question in a bold red typeface. When complete, attach the document as your submission for this assignment. You may name your answers document any name you choose. Once I score your document it will be named [Last Name][First Name], and returned to you as an attachment to my feedback. When your answer consists of a list of items, please enter only one list-item per line. This helps speed the scoring process. Name: ________Hugo Tinoco sanchez ___________ Assignment Questions: Describe the responsibilities and scope of authority for each of the following government organizations. You may need to review the discussion on the ITU from chapter one:…show more content…
Describe the three dedicated-circuit network architectures discussed in the textbook. Explain the strengths and weaknesses of each. Ring Architecture. Has a closed loop with all PC’s linked to the next one. Circuits are full duplex or half duplex, which allows messaging in both directions around the ring. The fall back is the time in which message can take to travel around the ring from the sender to a receiver, since the messages have to pass through several different computers and circuits, concluding in traffic delays which can pile up quickly. Star Architecture connects all the PCs to a central PC which acts as the message router to an appropriate PC. It’s easier to manage because of the central PC receiving and routing all the messages in the desired network. This allows the communication to be faster than ring architecture since it only travels through two circuits to reach the receiver. However, having only one central pc can create more problems since its in change of all the messages on the network. This creates room for overload in traffic and could potentially decrease performance overall. Mesh Architecture has every PC connected to very other PC. This is a Full-mesh network, and it’s biggest downfall is the high price. However, partial-mesh most PC, but not all are connected to each other. Although it combines star and ring, if
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