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ITE Chapter 12 - IT Essentials (Version 5.0) 1. A technician arrives and asks a customer, "Can you describe the problem?" The customer replies, "All email messages that I send have the wrong date. I have restarted the computer several times, but this does not seem to help." What could be the problem? The CMOS battery has failed. 2. A customer using a Windows XP computer is complaining that a new card reader is not working. A technician tests the card reader on a Windows 7 computer and does not detect any problems. What are two possible solutions to the problem with the XP computer? (Choose two.) Install the driver from the CD provided with the card reader. Download and install the driver from the manufacturer of the card…show more content…
13. A technician replaces a laptop keyboard that was no longer functioning, and has verified that the newly replaced keyboard functions properly. What is the final step the technician should take as part of the troubleshooting process? Document all findings, actions, and outcomes. 14. A user complains that when a page is printed on a laser printer, the page smears when touched. What is a possible cause of this issue? The fuser has failed. 15. A technician finds that occasionally when a network printer is restarted, clients are unable to print to it, receiving a "Document failed to print" message. What is a probable cause of this? The printer is configured to get an IP address using DHCP. 16. A user complains that a printer is outputting random characters instead of the desired document. What is a probable cause of this? An incorrect print driver is installed. 17. A freshly installed Windows 7 laptop is plugged into the network and configured with an IP address. The technician then attempts to ping the laptop from another computer. While the laptop is able to connect to other devices, the ping requests fail. What is the likely cause? The Windows Firewall is blocking ping requests. 18. A computer displays this message when the computer boots: "MBR has been changed or modified." What could cause this problem? A boot sector virus has altered the master boot record. 19. Users are complaining that they are receiving spam from the email

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