Cisco Core Competencies

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Q1) Cisco Systems
Cisco Systems, Inc. is an international American corporation; its head officer is in San Jose, California. It works in designing, making, and selling networking tools. The Systems of Cisco was established in 1984 by Leonard Bosack , Richard Troiano, and Sandy Lerner.
The company was named after the city name San Francisco in early years, the company asserted on using the name "cisco" (Paulson, 2001).
Cisco Systems, Inc. designs, made, and vends networking products based on the Internet Protocol equipment and facilities connected to the telecommunication and information technology business globally. Cisco Systems is controlling the market for these kind of equipment based on the IP protocol. The company manufactures and vends
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The objective of the Cisco executives is to emphasis consideration on competencies that truly affect its competitive advantage. Cisco core competency comes from the precise group of talents and manufacturing practices that bring extra value to the. These competencies allowed Cisco to enter an extensive range of markets.

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