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Cisco Systems ERP – Case Study
Andree Grecchi
Hawai’i Pacific University
IS 6005
Professor: Ken Rossi

Table of Contents

Who is Cisco? 2
Prehistorical Infrastructure 4
Seeking for a new start 4
Evaluation 6
Conclusion 7
References 8

Who is Cisco?
Cisco is one of the most powerful and successful corporation in the IP network industry. In the fiscal 2013 their revenue totaled $48.6 billion and their Net Income was $10.0 billion (Cisco 2013 Annual Report).
Cisco focuses on delivering products and services that consists in integrated networks for all forms of communication and IT. They provide their customers with an integrated architectural approach that gathers
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The turning point arrived soon. In January of 1994 Cisco systems failed. Thus the inability of the system to perform forced towards the utilization of “unauthorized methods for accessing the core application database” which lead to the corruption of Cisco’s database. Consequently the company shut down virtually for two days.

Seeking for a new start
After the shutdown managers realized that the autonomous approach was not sufficient. There was the need for a more integrated action, indeed separated decisions among the departments would have taken too long. As a result the company gathered an Implementation Team to investigate on the replacement of the application.
Thanks to the previous experience of the SVP of manufacturing Carl Redfield it was clear that the implementation of IT projects can take a long time to be effective. In order to make the implementation as quick as possible Redfield suggested to implement the project all at once and to do not personalize the new system. Projects that are divided into phases and customized tend to take longer time to be efficient, and many times they tend to become only an adaptation of the previous method. He suggested also to make the implementation a priority for every department: the involvement of the entire company is important for the effectiveness of the project.
Other than selecting within the company the best components for the Implementation Team, it was important also finding

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