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Cisco Systems: Solving Business Problems Through Collaboration

1. Discuss the nature of the market structure and the demand for Cisco’s products.
The nature of the market structure and demand of Cisco Systems is its business market which contains fewer but larger companies. For Cisco Systems, this implies that even though they have fewer clients than other companies, they still have a good and profitable relationship with their clients. For the customers of Cisco Systems, this implies that they will receive better and faster service and products because they don’t have to compete for the attention and service of Cisco Systems. The business market is derived from final consumer demand which means Cisco Systems must
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For Cisco Systems, if the demand fluctuates more and more quickly therefore they have to supply their customers more and more quickly and efficiently. They also have to improve and adjust their products/supplies in order to satisfy their clients’ needs that would then satisfy the final consumers’ needs. For customers for Cisco Systems, this implies that they would want more and more or they would want less than what is supplied. This means that they want something more or they want something less or something else that makes the demand for business market fluctuate more and more quickly. 2. Given the industries in which the Cisco competes, what are the implications for the major types of buying situations?
Straight rebuys: It is widely known that whenever purchase cycles come up, technology also changes. Cisco engages in the field of high technology which implies that they usually have few truly straight rebuys. Because of this, their corporate buyers may try to find better alternatives to replace the ones they already have. Because straight buys are when buyers routinely purchase something without modification, this would likely occur in the situation of Cisco when a client orders a set of router or switches shortly after purchasing the same items. A gradual rollout replacement or an expansion could be the cause of this.
Modified rebuy: Modified rebuy is when a buyer wants to modify a product’s specifications,
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