Cisco Systems, Inc.

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Cisco Systems, Inc. is an IT company that specifies in the sale of networking and communication items and solutions. It is a business-to-business company where they sell items primarily to large enterprises and telecommunications companies while also marketing items designed for small businesses and consumers such as routers, modems, and home network management software. The items and solutions target to transport data, voice and video interaction within buildings and institutions as well as around the world. Cisco's supply chain was organized like a pyramid, with the company at the main point. On the second level, there were a few contract manufacturers who were accountable for final set up and assembly. These manufacturers were reliant on large sub-tier organizations for elements such as processer chips and optical equipment. Those organizations in turn were reliant on an even larger base of product providers who were spread all over the world.
Some of the strengths of the networked supply chain idea applied by Cisco are the efficiency and value in implementation of the policies and tasks needed to keep everyone satisfied, customers, workers and administration. This idea targeted on the control procedures engaged in the development and submission of their items and products. The main weak point of the networked supply chain idea applied by Cisco are that they lacked the abilities to apply the supply chain idea. Cisco lost their money by investing in incorrect marketing

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