Cisco Systems Managing the Go to Market Evolution

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Cisco Systems Managing The Go To Market Evolution Cisco Systems Managing The Go To Market Evolution Analysis Company background (Cisco Systems): Cisco Systems is a world leading company in the switches and router market. Established in 1984 by a Stanford University couple, IT administrators Len Bosack and Sandy Lerner. Ina short period after founding, it became one of the most successful companies in high technology industry. In Cisco, manufacturing of its switches and router was outsourced, the company focused on core competencies: product design and development. Indirect sales and distribution through resellers became the major sales channel in the end of 1990’s; its “Value-Added Reseller” (VAR) was the most successful indirect…show more content…
Cisco Systems accomplished its management functions by integrating its networked system with hiring practices- many of the company’s skilled and talented employees, most of whom have a high level of education required for the specialized field of networking, are garnered from the internet. Cisco’s primary issue faced in the case is how to sustain change after the so-called bursting of the tech bubble or the stock market bubble, and how to revamp its route to market strategy. To expand its market in the face of dynamic competitors like IBM and Apple, Cisco faced a situation in which it must expand market channels. Because of its’ technology, Consumers are increasingly well informed, with the advent of internet technology which allows them to gather a great deal of information before making the choice to “hire” one product/service or another, according to their needs. Successful companies are increasingly turning to marketing to find niches spaces in the consumer consciousness in an effort to increase customer reaction by treating them as individuals with specific sets of needs. Company websites may offer specialized services that cover a wide range of possible targets in an effort to induce these more empowered customers to find value, displaying the loyalty that stems from satisfaction. The relationship between the consumer and the business is no longer necessarily determined entirely by the politics and media in this

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