Cisco : The World Of The Internet

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Background CISCO was founded in the mid 1980’s by 2 married computer science students from Stanford by the names of Sandy Lerner and Len Bosack. By 1990, the company went public and was listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange (Duffy, 20012). Cisco’s first and most significant acquisition of Crescendo Communications launched their $15 billion Catalyst switching business (Duffy, 2012). By 1997, during its first year on the Fortune 500, Cisco ranked in the top 5 companies in Return on Revenues as well as Return on Assets (Nolan, Porter, Akers, 2005). Originally, Cisco began with routers; connecting computers to the world of the internet. The internet made it possible to connect all 3 of their proprietary networks: Data, Voice and Video. By ’99 more than 75% of internet traffic traveled over Cisco products. Fiscally, Cisco was extremely successful. After 14 years in business, Cisco’s capitalization passed the $100 billion mark. Within the next few years they overtook Microsoft to reach a market cap of $531 billion (Nolan, Porter, Akers, 2005). Cisco has been an extremely successful networking and Internetworking company. Their dominance in the internetworking market has continued to this day. Major Enterprise Architectural Issues • IT Architecture • Information Technology • Supply Chain Management Analysis of Issues IT Architecture Cisco’s traditional IT department was not optimal for operations and the current systems did not support future growth for the company.
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