Cisco’s It Implementation of an Organizational Change and Advanced Services for Operational Success

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Today’s world calls for a pressing need to utilize the I.T services and resources whilst reducing the cost in order to improve organizational wide productivity. There are many CEO’s of the business world today that suggest the top priority of an any organization is to possess the ability to develop a sense of new ideas and innovations. (Porter, Stern & Council on Competitiveness, 1999). The term “innovation” used by organization’s simply illustrates the invention of a new product, processes and systems that which are simply created to adapt to the constant change in markets, technologies as well as modes of competition. (D’Aveni, 1994; Dougherty & Hardy, 1996; Utterback, 1994). Porras & Silvers (1991) also analyses the
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We have concluded that these methodologies have evolved through various stages from the early 1700’s as “division of labor”. This was when manufacturing first moved into factories from the cottage industry. These methodologies is not only executed by conventional business but is tailored for all sorts of organizations such as government agencies, departments, charities, mutual and cooperatives as well as many others. An example that can be used is the “Six Sigma” was first developed by Motorola Inc, in the mid 1980’s. This methodology provides extensive “Six Sigma” training and consultancy services. Accordng to Motorola I.T “Six Sigma is a highly disciplined process that helps us focus on developing and delivering close to perfect products and services. This system drives clarity around business strategies and the metrics that reflect success with strategy. Through experience, Motorola has learned that discipline use of metrics and applications of this methodology is still not sufficient to drive a desired breakthrough for improvements and results that are sustainable over a period of time.

Discuss the insight and learning’s from the case that you consider could be applied to your own situation.

Before proceeding further to a methodology that I may apply to my own case scenario, I will first examine my strength and limitations. After carefully
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