Cisco's Role On Internet Development

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Cisco is an abbreviation of San Francisco and founded in 1984. The founder is Leonard Bosack along with his wife Sandy. Its symbol illustrates us that it is built for human network. Its mission and goal is to shape the future of the Internet and create unprecedented value for customers, employees, investors, and ecosystem. Its vision is to change the way we work, live, play and learn. CISCO played more significant role on Internet development and provide infrastructure of the Internet. It provides broadest range of the solutions of Internet connectivity and offers tools to manage the Internet sites. It develops and sells networking products and related communications technology based on the Internet Protocol. It provides
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Technical services means that they support the trouble-shooting and maintenance by relying on the service center all around the world. Others technical service is like getting the components or software licenses. The professional service intends to utilize “Smart services” software to design and build network for corporations and service providers to promote the networking service to more efficient. By 2013, compared with 40%-60% big mature tech company, our main revenue is come from the selling products and provides service by Cisco channel. For the service part, it still insufficiency with only 20% although services increase still grow three times faster than product sales.

Cisco business success is based on the partnerships with innovative hardware, software, and firmware. They cooperated with dimension Data or presidio as their network integrators and they simply help to install their equipment at the end of a LAN link. The second way is that cisco would teach its partners new skills and abilities and their partners provide equipment installations and service. They utilize the technology such as Unified Communication and TelePresence. Both ways has shortcomings. It creates an obstacle for low-cost manufacturers to get enough margins to keep competition capability, and it is very possible for low-cost manufacturers to lose their enterprises’ status because of their low appropriable content of the main business. So it will lead benefit
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