Cissexism-Prejudice Against Heterosexuality

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These is how I define these three words with an example for each in social work practice
A. Heteronormativity- A man and woman born at birth. The norm of gender female and male at birth. Heterosexual role only. Marriage only between a man and woman. Two distinct gender. The model and role that each gender should play.
One example of this in the social work practice is working with a family heterosexual where there is a father, mother and children in were this is the nuclear family or the norm.
B. Heterosexism- This is when heterosexuality is the correct norm or the only sex orientation. System of attitudes or beliefs
An example of this in the social work practice is having the understanding that as social worker we cannot be homophobic or …show more content…

Cissexism- Prejudice against transgender. In the article of Ferguson (2014) provides a gender analysis of how we put labels on people thinking that is the way a person should look like, or gender like.
An example of this in the social work practice is when dealing with someone different from us and they have express what are their gender and their needs we should look out to provide the correct services and techniques skills in order to provide accessible services to everyone.
2. Discuss the differences between gender and sexuality.
A. Gender- refers to who we are as internal whether we prefer to be feminism or masculine. According to Wolf (2015), states “refers to the way we understand ourselves and our gender. It is about the internal sense of masculinity or femininity that a person feels.
B. Sexuality- This refer to who we are attracted to. This could be to the same sex or to a different sex. Wolf (2015, slide, 9) gives us a definition “is our attraction to someone else of the same or different gender or both. It refers to the kinds of relationships that we have with …show more content…

As professionals we should be equipped in assisting diversity and providing human relationship with our clients. It is important to understand how identities, religion, race, culture, age, sexual orientation, knowing their circumstance and problems .All human being have the right to be respected with dignity(Privilege,

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