Cit Cat

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Today I organized documents for case managers because there are some new clients that are being processed. There is a form that must be completed on each client which is an Intake form. This form is the form that Case Worker fill out when a new client is introduced into the Redeploy program. There are two different forms Outer Counties and St. Clair counties. On the document it has several questions such as name, address, education, health, and use of what substance, religion, and family income. This is the first form I saw in each client’s file because this is important to know who file you are looking at and the background on the client.

Case managers provide forms stating the rights of the clients and responsibility that the clients have.
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She has been to the following facilities: Counselor H Group (Carbondale, IL), Jewell Psychological Services (Edwardsville, IL), Percy County Counseling (DuQuoin, IL), Psychiatrist (Springfield, IL), and Pavilion Behavioral Health System (Champaign, IL). Cit Cat has been to several facilities trying to break her dependency on drugs. Drugs are a coping mechanism she has dealing with her life. Her father is not in her life and when she was 9/10 years old her father’s friend molested her. She lives with her mother and her stepfather. Her mother verbally abuses her and her stepfather treats us…show more content…
The officer stopped and made her perform SFST’s after denying she was drinking. After performing the test Cit Cat gave six indicators of impairment during the test. Cit Cat breathe sample was .078 and she was arrested under the Zero Tolerance DUI law. The police officer proceeded and searched Cit Cat’s car and found an empty Peach Amsterdam bottle in her purse. Officer read Zero Tolerance Warning to Motorist Under 21 rights to Cit Cat and at 12:50 a.m. she retested and her alcohol level was at .081. She was then sent to jail and charged with improper lane usage and illegal transportation of alcohol. She was later released to her stepfather on a traffic citation. Cit Cat went to court and the judge decided that she would be on twelve month probation with no drugs or alcohol, completes all evaluation/assessment/counseling or treatment supervision. Cit Cat violated her probation and tested positive for marijuana which she was sent to rehab. Cit Cat’s anger problem and drug addiction causes her to commit crimes. Her dad was an alcoholic so she has seen her dad cope with alcohol as a child. Her mother suffers from anxiety and is prescribed Xanax. Cit Cat has drunk before and tried Xanax which was around her childhood so it was accessible to her
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