Benefits Of Cleaning Up The Citarum River

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It is a given that cleaning up the Citarum River will be no easy task. I have been thinking of my own master plan to use ADB’s loan of 500 million dollars for the purposes of reducing the pollution within the Citarum River. First and foremost, it should be understood that it will take about a decade or more to have a major impact on this river. This plan will lead the course of that time span, even if some steps may need to be repeated. Earlier within lecture three, there was a video of school children cleaning up one of the rivers that connects to the Chesapeake Bay. With only one class of children, over five thousand pounds – or two tons - of pollutants were removed from the stream they worked on. If there were a way to gather the communities living on around the shore of the Citarum River, an organized “Community Clean-Up Day” could take place once a week for as long as it takes to clean most of the trash from the river. Since there is so much garbage covering the river during dry season on the Citarum, it will be necessary to use part of the $500 million to build a waste facility within the community. In this facility, trash will be collected and transported to its respected wasteland outside of the community and away from the river.…show more content…
Alongside our garbage waste facility that is to be built, we will also build an industrial waste facility. In America, we have many facilities such as this to dispose of oils and hazardous chemicals properly. We will build a replica of an American facility quite literally right beside the industrial factory. Any waste that is caught being dumped into the river will receive a large fine and will be sent to the Indonesian authorities for further
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