Citation and Organizational Structure

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H1110 Dear Student: Please be sure to scroll ALL the way through this document. You will find: a. Project instructions [Be alert to options within the instructions] b. Notice on using Wikipedia c. Information on how we use a 6 Traits + 1 Rubric to score projects d. 6 Traits + 1 Chart for your reference, and later, for your teacher’s feedback e. White space for you to paste in your completed project H1110 CONTAINMENT POLICY Here is your goal for this lesson: Write a report analyzing the Cold War policy of containment Many Americans have questioned whether fighting a full-scale war against China or a war of containment was the best policy for fighting the Korean War. Using the…show more content…
The paper is on the topic |1. The writer strays off topic |1. The writer has not written on | | |assigned, or one of the options, and |2. Support with details is |the assigned topic or options | | |focused. |attempted. |given. | | |2. Relevant, quality details go |3. Writer has difficulty going from|2. Information is unclear or the | | |beyond the obvious. |general observations about the |length is not adequate for | | |3. Writing from knowledge or |topic to specifics. |development. | | |experience; ideas are fresh and |4. The reader is left with |3. Simply a restatement of the | | |original. |questions. |instructions. | | |4. Reader’s questions are anticipated| |4. The writing may be dis- | | |and answered.
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