Citibank Is A Financial Institution

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Overview Citibank is known as one of the largest financial services holding company in the United States. The company was founded in the year 1812, as the City Bank of New York. Leading the global financial services firm with assets of $1.8 trillion (Citigroup, 2015); it holds a prominent spot in the banking industry. Citibank has been a financial institution that sustained itself for many years. One of the key components of the company that made them successful is their attention to an exclusive personalized banking experience. Whether there is a need for banking, credit cards, lending or investing, the company’s main focus is offering great customer service that leads to higher profits. Citibank has positioned itself as the first national bank in the United States with more than 1,000 branches in the U.S. and about 300 internationally (Citibank, 2014). With all that the company has to offer, there will be a future need for advancement in technology that will eventually change loans and package their products. The end result, will improve customer experience while enhancing a loyalty from its customer. Description of Services The financial services of Citibank, has been successful in providing extensive service to customers by offering them a comprehensive set of policies, programs and benefits to meet the changing needs of a wide spectrum of individuals. They commit themselves to meeting the needs of customers and businesses in the area of credit cards, personal
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