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In today’s society consumers want it quick, fast, in a hurry and they are not willing to wait. Customers are becoming more demanding and critical when not having their expectations met. It is important company adjusts to the ever changing attitudes and expectation of customers in the market place. Therefore it is a must for company to satisfy their customers. Customers’ satisfaction is the key to the success of any company. James McGaran is the manager in the Financial District office at Citibank; locate in the Los Angeles area. “Citibank is a niche player and pride themselves on building a profitable franchise by providing relationship banking combined with a high level of service to its customer” (Harvard Business School.
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“His financial result for the company is outstanding, with 20% above target and he has generated the highest revenue and made the greatest margin contribution to the business of any branch in the system” (Harvard Business School. 1997, pg. 4). In addition, James has managed to delivered impressive financial results for four years in a row.
I would explain to James I am concern about his below par in customer satisfaction. I understand his “branch is the largest and toughest branch in the division and he has demanding clientele, challenging competition and sometimes it can be difficult to manager such a diverse set of indicators” (Harvard Business School. 1997, pg. 4). I would give James a chance to comment and voice his concern. I would discuss how valuable the customers are to the company and customer satisfaction is the key to the long term success of his division and our company future. I would also explain, I have outlined the company’s performance expectations and we missed a couple of targets. I will ask James what problem or concerns he has and what he thinks is interfering with customer services. James and I will review them together and come up with an action plan for improvement. This will ensure James that I am working with him and not against him.
Career progress I would inform James his career is on the right path and the company knows he is a hard
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