Cities Where Homelessness Can Be A Crime

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Journalist Jack Healy explores the growing criminalization of homelessness in Denver Colorado in his article entitled, “Rights Battles Emerge in Cities Where Homelessness Can Be a Crime.” There is a growing debate over what to do in several cities about the growing number of cases of “urban camping”. The people really being targeted by Denver’s local laws banning “urban camping” are the hundreds of the city’s homeless people who rely on these encampments for safety from the elements as well as their nightly rest. Police issue misdemeanor citations and dismantle encampments. Homeless people and homeless activist have fought back against what they argue the “urban camping” prohibitions are targeting homeless people. In a 2015 statement addressing…show more content…
Ehrenreich informs us of the rise in criminalization of those in poverty despite the rise of people in poverty and the indifference of such practices. The article informs us a study from the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, it states, “that the number of ordinances against the publicly poor has been rising since 2006, along with ticketing and arrests for more “neutral” infractions like jaywalking, littering or carrying an open container of alcohol.” She describes the policies many policies that affect multiple people living in poverty. She refers to the people being impacted by the various unfair polices as the homeless and “not-yet homeless”. Both article acknowledge that the cycle of poverty these policies establish in fact Ehrenreich states, “If poverty tends to criminalize people, it is also true that criminalization inexorably impoverishes them.” The country continues to divide itself in to two groups those who “have” and the “have nots”. The policy’s and bans described in both articles articulate the disconnect between those who live in poverty and those who simply see those in poverty as a burden or an eyesore. You cannot merely raid encampments to rid your streets of the poor in the name of beautification and you cannot ticket the poor to funnel them into jail to raise a city’s revenue. Many people seem to want to extinguish the sight of poverty, rather than implementing policies and practice that will help the poor. We must fight for the rights of people to live and be safe regardless of their financial
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