Cities in America Are Undergoing a Revival

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The city was becoming an inhumane place to live and today present different view. We are experiencing the emergence of a new urbanism that, unlike traditional planning does not seek the satisfaction only, of the maximum economic efficiency of a city, where the flow of capital, selling cars, real estate speculation and manufacturing productivity are above the minimum human needs. The "New Urbanism" offers a balanced city, where economic, social and environmental are in the same plane of importance, where humans and their physiological and psychological needs are the starting point of urban planning. The New Urbanism simply proposes a human city; we might well call, planning of the city for the Humans.
The era of urbanization that started in 1920, and turned the nation into a suburban nation. This traditional urbanism has come to an end whit tendency to live in the city center in a walk able city, and that means more parks and public squares, better air quality and less noise, removing excessive car use and less parking. The downtown of the cities continued to grow population and with an economic base that is increasingly seen as a specialized process. The cities today are presented as huge masses of physical concrete, the air is no longer safe to respire and sometimes the air is so polluted that breathing is equivalent to smoking, the number of travelers who spend hours sitting in congested streets and highways increases frustration levels as much as pollution, long and
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