Citigroup As A Multinational Company

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Citigroup is a multinational company that has become what it is today thanks to mergers and acquisitions, the CEO’s, the board of management and all those that take a closer look into the company will find how different the are the members of the company. There is a diversity on the way of thinking of those who work in Citigroup, and that can be pointed out as one of the reasons the company had been fighting lawsuits for the last decade.

First, he needs to take control of the company, send a message to all those working in the different branches and segments of Citigroup that they must share the same purpose within the company. Make himself more recognizable, visible, Prince needs to display his ability to relate with people by interacting with them. Not just let the world know that he is able to apologize when the company has wrong its investors, but to start taking the necessary steps toward the cultural change in the organization. In that sense, Prince needs to start changing the way the management think, as one of them one said that “we don’t write down our values. We buy companies that do that sort of thing”. That is evidence of how far is the company of act as one entity. Prince needs to discourage the negative deviant like the previous comment. He is already seen as a skillful leader able to change the mindset of strong-will executives. This will only contribute to reinforce his legitimacy. Working with the directive, Prince must create a set of values that make…
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