Citizen 2000: Helping Out the Community

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The still night was interrupted by the screeching tyres of Detective Micky Fausten’s wailing squad car. A moment later he hit the siren and bolted through the air as he came to the top of Harrison Hill. His car landed smoothly back on the road and shot through the small residential area, weaving in and out of each street in the neighbourhood. It was past midnight and the emergency services were on call to a factory explosion in the northern Springburn area. The whole building was engulfed in flames. Several charred bodies had been thrown from the building by the explosion and now lay in large, indescribable lumps in the car park. The city was flooded with sirens as squads of ambulances, fire trucks and police units fought their way through the narrow roads leading to the industrial site. It took around fifteen minutes for the police to arrive and Micky Fausten was first on the scene. This wasn’t Micky’s part of town, but the building in question was the main assembly factory belonging to Civil Guard, Scotland’s biggest manufacturer of home and business security droids. All available units including Micky and his partner, Leon Price, were called to the scene along with half the Glasgow Police Department. The cars and fire trucks spilled into the car park and groups of firemen immediately jumped out and began fixing their hoses to the fire hydrants. Micky took the scrambling as an opportunity to find his boss. “He’s got to be around here somewhere,” said Leon, “he’d
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