Citizen Buelna Analysis

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In lecture, we discussed the importance of nationalism, the governmental factors that formed present day Latin America, as well as nationalism and patriotism. In relation to the lecture, the readings of Kurt Weyland, Faletto, Cardoso, and Santos all have outlined these concepts very well. I have learned about the political views of Latin America portrayed in the writings of Weyland, as well as the concept of modern development and dependence portrayed in the writings of Cardoso, Faletto, and Santos. Corresponding to the lecture as well as the readings, we as a class watched the film Citizen Buelna. This film was framed around the independence of Mexico and how patriotism was portrayed in the film. What I have learned from the readings,…show more content…
The type of development that was formed in Latin America was structural dualism because it is able to define the ways of life for the people. This kind of social infrastructure is in a way very similar to the community society, where all people will work collectively to benefit the whole. This is seen in more liberal forms of government. What I have also learned are the concepts of nationalism, patriotism, and that development is a social process. All of these concepts correlate in some way. Education has led to increases in nationalism and patriotism. This created a loyalty and love for the Latin American countries, and in turn increased the want to fight for their sovereignty and rights. Along with these fights for independence the formation of populism came about and the need to make numbers more predominant in political processes as well as to break the stronghold of the elite powers. With the elite powers, corruption was very prevalent during this time and it became one of the major reasons for the economic instability and dependence of the
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