Citizen Journalist Essay

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Caterin L. Villar
November 27, 2011
English 102
Professor Rigney
Is Assuming the Role of Citizen Journalist worth the Risk?
Amateur journalism is becoming more and more popular everyday with the advancement of technology. Newspapers across America have become so decimated by staff cutbacks that citizen journalists are stepping in to fill the gap in covering the news. Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are only some of the free websites where users are connected with others and can share in an instant what is happening in their side of the world. When the people formerly known as the audience employ the press tools they have in their possession to inform one another, that’s citizen journalism (Rosen). Yulianti’s article states
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Tunisia's Zine al-Abidine Ben was also ousted as a result of revolts formed from the reports from private citizens. Social media is so powerful; the government of Malawi has shut down news websites and social media networks including Twitter and Facebook to prevent suffering the same fate as other dictatorship based governments. Cameroonian government has banned the use of social media. In Uganda, the government temporarily closed social networks after threatening ISPs with closure. The members of the current “Occupy Wall Street” movements use social media to organize their political movement and gain members. Boudreau’s article suggests “Occupy Wall Street has spread around the country with keyboard-clicking quickness as participants tap into Twitter, Facebook and microblogging site Tumblr to call Americans to the streets to protest what they see as a broken global financial system. What would have taken months to unfold in a different era has occurred in days and hours. The Economist magazine calls it America’s first true social-media uprising”(Broudreau). Revis article states “These citizen journalists fight to create a well-informed public in which media also serves as moral education. This philosophy radically departs from mainstream journalism, an overarching goal of which is to sell its product. Citizen journalism, on the other hand, allows marginalized people to reclaim their voices, to tell their otherwise silenced stories firsthand”

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