Citizen Kane : Film Directed By Orson Welles

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Citizen Kane (Orson Welles 1941) is a film directed by Orson Welles, this film follows the life of a millionaire Foster Kane played by Orson Welles himself. The film is set in the early 1930’s and 40’s and follows his life and the presses attempt to unveil the meaning of his last mysterious word “Rosebud.” The brilliance of this film comes from the cinematography and shows the assertions of humanity through its use of Mise-en-scene and various technical aspects such as low angle shots and Deep-Focus shots. The use of Deep-Focused shots made this film appeal to people both literally and visually; Deep-Focused shots are usually accompanied by the use of Mise-en-scene in order to set up the scene so the audience is fully invested in the…show more content…
Welles was a pioneer when it came to filmmaking, Especially in Citizen Kane where he developed new skills of narrative structure, sound, set design and even the screenplay. The aesthetic of this film gave all the different techniques a new and fresh taste. The Deep Focus shots show the foreground middle ground and background in a shot making the picture clear. The way that he worked and used the camera manipulated the viewer’s experience, as opposed to the camera style of the “Old Hollywood” era of filmmaking. The film focuses on scenes shooting into the light and dark to create a new and fresh filming technique, the cinematic realism was something extremely new to the filming industry at the time. The realism can be noticed through the Deep-Focus cinematography done in this film. These techniques allowed for the different scenes to flow together ad make the audience unaware of the changing of scenes. The importance of Deep-Focus cinematography affects the way the audience can further understand the film to their own working of their own minds. Deep- Focus cinematography gives the idea that what you are looking at is really there. Another important technique in Citizen Kane was the use of Low-angle shots, a low angle shot is a camera technique in which the camera shots the subject of a scene from the bottom looking up, this can give the sense of being “Larger than life.”
When viewing Citizen Kane the audience sees how
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