Citizen Kane : Film Log Essay

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Emilie Schwantzer Mr. O’Riley IB HL Film 13 April 2016 Citizen Kane: Film Log Citizen Kane directed by Orson Welles was assumed to be based on William Randolph Hearst, which is why the film didn 't become popular until the 1950s, as William had power over the press; ironically depicting the power of press, a motif portrayed in the movie. Citizen Kane was meant to test the limits that hollywood had on political criticism and difference of aesthetics. Kanes loss of childhood is depicted through close ups representing loss of childhood, low angle shots representing his hunger for power , deep focus representing personal isolation and lighting representing materialism; which are all motifs and technical codes that aid the attempt to define Kanes life. “Maybe rosebud was something he couldn 't get, or something he lost” (Citizen Kane). The first motif; a rosebud, a representation of security, hope and the innocence of childhood. The rose presented within the film serves as a symbolic code towards the protagonist ‘Kanes’ value, which contextually we see he looses throughout life. The movie begins with a frame of Kanes home in Xanadu, where Kanes lips mutter “rosebud” and he lets go of the snow globe and dies. Not till the end does the movie reveal the significance of rosebud, as it was present on Kanes sled, the one we see in a flashback of his childhood. In the entire movie close up shots are very rare; therefore establishing significance of rosebud due to the rareness of
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