Citizen Of The Galaxy By Robert Heinlein

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I read the book Citizen of the Galaxy by Robert Heinlein and enjoyed it thoroughly. The novel is completely immersive. The author does a great job at creating fascinating settings, cultures, and societies. Heinlein 's galaxy provides an interesting allegory for many human institutions such as government, free trade, education, and slavery. This book was written at the beginning of the civil rights movements in 1957 and one of the prominent issues the book addresses is lavery. However, Heinlein doesn’t say slavery is evil because it is racist, it makes the point it is a violation of personal rights. This book touches on a lot of subjects such as economics, slavery, the military, romance, math theories, education, and politics. Another reason I liked the book is that although Baslim died very early in the book, his profound influence, and the impact of his character is seen all throughout the book. One theme is that slavery is an abhorrent but persistent institution. I believe that Heinlein recognized slavery might still have been an issue in the 1950’s and he hated it. Another theme involves loyalty; whether it to be your family or something else such as yourself. Thorby is fiercely loyal to Baslim even though he dies, and wants to do everything he would have wanted. A final theme is the possibility and importance of self-improvement as this is a coming of age novel, and the protagonist, Thorby, started as a slave and became the head of one of the most powerful conglomerates

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