Citizens Should Not Pay For Healthcare

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Citizens Should Not Pay For Health Care One of the foundations of every just society is the protection of every person’s right to healthcare. This statement underscores the importance of the discourse on whether working citizens ought to pay for healthcare. The debate has been in the limelight since the beginning of the 20th century. Successive governments in the United States have over the years attempted to institute a universal healthcare system for the United States citizenry, but repeatedly the proposals for a free healthcare system in the country has been fought and defeated. In light of this information, this paper seeks to answer the question on why the working citizens in the United States should not pay for healthcare. The paper draws statistical and empirical information in support of this thesis, as well as information that those opposed to the idea put forward. In essence, therefore, this argumentative paper seeks to discredit some of the ideas that the naysayers put forward in their opposition to the idea of a free healthcare system in the United States while at the same time providing solid arguments on why working citizens should not pay for healthcare. The debate about whether or not the government should pay for healthcare begins earnestly with the understanding of the constitution. Particularly, the constitution provides for the inalienable rights to liberty, happiness, and life. Healthcare provision falls squarely under the right to life and the
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