Citizens United for Arguments

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Resolved: On balance, the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission is undemocratic.
We affirm.
To better the round, we clarify the following:
First, the definition of “election process”
ELECTIONS are based on three organizing concepts: equal respect, free choice, and popular sovereignty are the building blocks of fair and just elections. The democratic process should treat all citizens as free and equal persons. As applied to the electoral process this requires that each citizen equal opportunity to have his or her vote equally counted.

Contention 1: Super PACs decrease voter turnout
Subpoint A: Voter turnout is a pre-requisite to the election process

A flourishing democracy presupposes
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3. Citizens United increases political polarization

A. Increased levels of political spending increase polarization
In the 2012 Presidential election, the majority of outside spending was a result of the Citizens United decision1. The unique increase of money translated into an increase in television ads, radio ads, and direct mailings. Unfortunately, the large increase in political rhetoric caused a move to political extremes rivaling those at the end of the Civil War2. It explains that micro-targeting of advertising allowed corporations and Super PACS to create echo chambers, where only points of view in agreement with the audience were expressed. Polarization was an issue before the Citizens United ruling, but the unique increase in rhetoric caused the “worst polarization in 120 years.
B. Polarization causes increasing amounts of low-information voters
Increased shifts to the political extremes causes voters to vote in lockstep with party leaders. Polarized voters are less informed on energy, healthcare, education, and other key issues4. Polarized voters also ignore fundamental arguments in favor of partisanship. When told that their party endorsed a certain stance, the polarized voters became more supportive, regardless of facts. Because the election process requires
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