Citizens on Patrol

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Citizens on Patrol

What would an individual do to keep their home or neighborhood safe? The answer has become quite popular over the last few decades. In fact neighborhood prevention is becoming extremely popular as well as successfully reducing crime in some neighborhoods. One of the major forms of neighborhood crime prevention is citizen patrol. Citizen patrol or often referred to as citizen on patrol is extremely popular due to the fact that it solely relies on surveillance. Furthermore, not only do these individuals volunteer their time to simply observe, they produce dramatic results in the process and work with law enforcement officers to stop neighborhood crime.

What is the citizen on patrol program? According to the
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For example a neighborhood with a large number of kids would not need patrolling during after school hours because the parents would be home. A common misconception is that citizen patrols only watch the neighborhood. However according to National Association of Citizen Patrol many citizen patrol control traffic at accident scenes, special events, crime scenes, fires, in addition to focused patrols in high crime areas for deterrence.

The Citizen on Patrol program is an effective measure of crime prevention for most communities. The name alone acts as a deterrence of crime to many. According to the Baltimore Police County Police Department the majority of our patrols have drastically reduced crime in their neighborhoods and eliminated the suspicious activity associated with crime, thereby enhancing the overall quality of life in the community. One major benefit of the citizen patrol involves the cost saving of law enforcement and communities. For example the citizen patrols are volunteers so these individuals save tax payers and law enforcement major bucks. “It is not uncommon for an average size Citizen Patrol group of 50 members to provide a budget savings of several hundred thousand dollars a year by performing these duties. The funds saved can then be used to put more Officers and Deputies on the streets or purchase needed equipment. In addition to budget savings, it is not uncommon for active Citizen
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