Citizenship And Guest Worker Programs For Immigrants Essay

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A Path to Citizenship and Guest Worker Programs for immigrants, negates efforts to rid our country of undocumented immigrants and demonstrates unpatriotic betrayal of loyalty to United States Citizens. The systems in charge of immigration does not adequately serve the needs of the economy, legal immigrants, or U.S citizens. We can no longer leave our doors open to illegal immigrants who leech on our resources and threaten out people.

A Path to Citizenship and Guest Worker Programs
Providing amnesty to illegal immigrants raises a serious concern of fairness in our legal system, especially to the many immigrants who are working hard to immigrate legally into the U.S. Amnesty not only rewards illegal immigrants but it also creates incentives for new immigrants to come to the U.S illegally. The goal of S.774 needs to be make the cost of immigrating to the U.S higher so that illegal immigration does not happen anymore. By granting amnesty it encourages people to come to the the US as undocumented immigrants because it provides incentives for long term payoffs. If there is not prospect for illegal aliens to gain amnesty the benefits of entering the U.S is lower and thus the flow of immigration will decrease.

Furthermore, Guest Worker programs fail to maintain the integrity and the importance of prioritizing American jobs for American citizens. Guest Worker programs work as a system for aliens to come into the U.S legally and stay in the US illegally. By implementing a
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