Citizenship And Marxist Theory: Evelyn Nakano Glenn, Citizens

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Citizenship and Marxist Theory
The creation and existence of citizenship can be directly related to Marxist theory. Citizenship has major implications in the distribution of power in the United states. The use of citizenship or the act of denying certain groups full citizenship directly relates to the exploitation, class struggle, the role of the State, and reserve labor army. Specifically, the second chapter of Evelyn Nakano Glenn, Citizenship: Universalism and Exclusion, can analyzed by marxist theories to show the effect of economic and social institutions on individual interactions maintaining or contesting boundaries between genders and race. The particular framework utilized by Evelyn Nakano Glenn is feminist power analysis. Glenn challenges
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The use of immigration to deny groups access to societal resources creates a perfect storm for the exploitation of those individuals in the labor market. Marx theories of class struggle can be applied to the concept of citizenship by looking at who is disenfranchised in American society. Historically it has been blacks, communities of color, working class and women. Contemporarily it continues to be similarly, but including felons and immigrants to the disenfranchised populations. Citizenship can be a tool for capitalists to create greater class divide and competition in the labor market. Marx and Engels argue that inequality in society is created and maintained by capitalism. According to Marx and Engels theory the division of labor creates specialization in society, class competition, and…show more content…
According to Marx and Engels, Capitalism relies on the reserve army as protection of labor power by the bourgeois. This can be seen through the history of the black struggle for citizenship through historical events such as slavery and the abolition of slavery (Glenn 2002: 32-40). Capitalism as an institution in which has created the illusion of economic equality and security for white men (Glenn 2002: 32). Marx’s theories can exemplify the inequality and alienation of the proletariat to mark America’s economic system as a formal institution in creating inequality in American
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