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Citizenship Midterm Report: United States D0393920 - Robert A. Spearman What is the human rights status in your country ? use your own word, make a brief introduction to the status and / or development of equality rights and social rights of your nation. Are there things to do to make improvement for the status? Guidelines: * Equality between sexes * Racial equality * Religion equality * Classes equality * Education right * Property Right * Environmental Right * Right to Privacy The United States of America is a country where its foundation was built up by a large diversity of religion and races from all parts of the globe. A major portion of the population…show more content…
Many of those prosecuted have minor or no criminal history and have substantial ties to the US such as US citizen family members they were seeking to rejoin when arrested. “Secure Communities” and other federal programs involving local law enforcement agencies continued to play an important role in deportations. The federal government has portrayed these programs as focused on dangerous criminals, but most immigrants deported through Secure Communities are non-criminal or lower level offenders. These programs also exacerbate distrust of police in immigrant communities. Not only that the noncitizens are not receiving their proper rights and judgments, they also on many levels face discrimination by society in many places around the country. To sum it up, beside the mentioned acts of unrighteousness among the people from or not form the United States, basic racial and sex discrimination violates human rights all over the country. Some of the most recent events are police incorrect use of their power to “convict” African Americans in certain states. The judicial system did enforce reforms to the system and condemned the police officers involved but there are no guarantees that events like this would never happen again. It takes a strong and upright screened law enforcement along with a unbiased and fair judicial system to allow criminals to take responsibility for their
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