Essay on Citizenship

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Stating that I’m a American citizen I really can’t explain what the role of a Canadian citizen would be. So I’m just going to talk about what I understand the role of a American citizen should be in the U.S.      As American citizen I feel as though participating in the political process should become a law in the U.S because many American bicker and complain about their local mayor, representatives, or the president, but the citizens who complain are those that do not get out in vote. These citizens go on national T.V and bash political parties and cause big arguments but yet couldn’t even take out time to go and vote. This is beginning to cause a problem in the U.S and is causing many problems. Due to the fact…show more content…
     One situation I don’t understand is how some citizens argue that millionaires make to much and that athletes make to much and that their being paid to much stipend. I feel as though its not the athletes fought that their gifted with such talents. If you look at it they deserve the stipend their receiving because athletes bring in billions and billion of dollars a year so i figure they should get their share of the revenue also. I don’t think they should be criticized for not donating in fact I've found to believe that 80% of pro athletes donate more than 10,000$ a year to a charitable fund or organization. Just because the money is not personally given to you doesn't mean the athletes are not sharing their millions.      I believe as time goes citizenship will get to be more of a issue than it is now. I do believe citizens form others countries will only have a certain amount of time to leave in the U.S before their imported. The reason why is that with the U.S being in trillion dollar deficit I just don’ think we will be able to afford others citizens.      All in all I enjoy being a American citizen and I believe in due time Americans will realize that doing the right is what’s best and being lazy make situations no better. Americans citizens go thru a lot every year but some how we make the best of situation sometimes so as a American
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