Citizenship In Sports

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Sports participation with today’s youth is universal in society. It is important to understand the conditions youth engage in organized sports promotes development and character. Today’s youth are unruly and unforgiving, but if they participated in organized sports they would be productive citizens, develop bonds with coaches and players to gain the key attributes in life like discipline, sacrifice, integrity and responsibility.
The PGA is working towards to help with youth and get their attention. They are going through with this through 2019 so they will have enough time and an impact on a kid’s life. The PGA is trying to get their point across to show kids the sport of golf and get them to be a part of it. They teamed up with turner sports
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The report card did five categories which were child-centered philosophy, coaching, health and safety, officiating, and parental behavior and involvement, the results were bad and unsettling trend im sports was the mentality of “win at all cost” and the report card exposed it and did a wakeup call for people that only thought that way. Representative, Mclntyre knew and studied that athletes make better grades in school, are less likely to be obese, get in less trouble or no trouble at all, and be successful in life also teaches them values such as sportsmanship, discipline, civility, respect and teamwork and give them a sense of home instead of going to gangs or anything else that gets them in trouble and keep them off the streets. Also, organized sports have the opportunity to make themselves someone and build character. Rep. Mclntyre launched the CCYS (Congressional Caucus on Youth Sports) and they shot to “commit to bringing fun, recreation and character development back to the forefront of youth sports.” Rep. Mclntyre launched (P.E.) Physical Education and he shot for sports to “mentally develop the youth and teach them to embrace the sport and school” he was trying to say that if they commit to the sport and commit to school a kid can do anything. It was a great idea to get kids attention and teach them about education and sports and show them they can be a positive movement towards
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