Citizenship Is Defined By Merriam Webster

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Citizenship is defined by Merriam Webster as the quality of an individual 's response to membership in a community. A working definition based on the actions of those who grant the privilege and those who are in a constant pursuit of it may agree on this: citizenship is comprised of a set of accomplishments and rules one must correspond with; it varies by country, decade, race and socioeconomic class. Over the past seven weeks, I’ve been introduced to a number of imperative readings that are fundamental when understanding citizenship as an evolving term. With references from the French, an analysis of sovereignty, governmentality, and misconceptions over time, I will elaborate on the essential arguments surrounding the rights of a citizen …show more content…

The literary opposite of Hobbes is Jean-Jacques Rousseau, French philosopher and author of The Social Contract. With influence from The Enlightenment, he believed that everyone is entitled to their own rights. There is a heavy emphasis on unity in all of his writings, going as far as signing all of his papers with “Citizen of Geneva”, reinforcing his need to equate his status with everyone else of the general assembly. “Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains. One man thinks himself the master of others, but remains more of a slave than they are.” Rousseau’s commentary attempts to hold the public responsible for the actions of the society in general, saying that those who attempt to control others are enslaved even tighter because of their persistence in breaking the general public apart. Rousseau’s ideal community operates cohesively, where everyone, including The King, move in unison with each other, no one standing outside giving instructions. Hobbes and Rousseau are two fundamental arguments that provide examples the citizen’s role either being relinquished or capitalized for the greater good of those around, they have been very vocal in shaping how America’s governing body was formed. When understanding citizenship, sovereignty is a key term when looking to understand the governing body that grants citizenship. Carl Schmitt, author of Political Theology: The Definition of

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