City Beat Analysis

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In the beginning of KCLV’s program called City Beat, Nancy Byrne, or the host, gave the watchers an overview of the recent events in our Las Vegas community. The program opened the show with a new and improved way of transportation in our very own Freemont Street. On January 10th 2017, the companies Keolis and Navya came together to create the very first electric shuttle. The shuttle is “intelligent,” because it operates without an actual driver. Las Vegas is the first state to have tried this specific transportation and Mayor Goodman was one of the fifteen passengers on this bus. Shortly after the new shuttle information, Nancy briefly explained to the viewers about the Explorers program. Thanks to the department of public safety, this program…show more content…
Dr. Roland Rogers felt that the elderly citizens and mostly women are more vulnerable to being robbed and attacked not only on the streets, but also at home. Dr. Rogers has provided a self-defense class to prevent attacks on those who get clarified as “soft targets”. He highly recommends attending so one can learn how to break free from a snatcher to possibly escaping a home invasion. The last segment that Nancy spoke about was getting the attention of those who are interested in being a volunteer coach for our city’s parks and recreational team. Most people become intimidated since it’s assumed you must play sports or be an expert at it, but recreational center is stating otherwise. Their main goal is to give local kids an opportunity to learn and play the sports they are interested. All the team is asking from the volunteers is their time and patience to work with them. This is also a more fun enticing way to build community service hours as…show more content…
This program is a hands on learning environment that invites kids to see what is like to be a part of the law enforcement while still using the traditional classroom setting as well. Deputies teach students how to deal with situations using what was learned in class about laws and how to execute them properly. Because of all the various hate crimes and racial disputes going on, I feel that knowing the law no matter who you are became an essential part of life, thus making this a great program for young kids to be a part of. In conclusion, both these topics brought up real issues that are developing new ways to solve them which I agree with their
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